Want a Toy Puppy? Here are the Most Common Breeds

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dogs are undeniably cute and you know what’s even cuter? Puppies! There’s something about miniature things and animals that scream cuteness and for puppies, it’s their short strides, soft barks, and tongue kisses. They are so adorable you will just want to pledge your allegiance to their company.

However, puppies grow into strong and loyal dogs but don’t you wish they could stay small forever? Luckily, you won’t need to get a new puppy every time the old one grows up anymore, as you can now get a toy dog breed.

Some dog breeds come smaller than others and they grow beyond that range and they’re called toy dog breeds.

This piece is highlighting the three most popular and most adorable toy dog breeds in the doggie kingdom.

  1. The Poodle: Poodles might just be one of the most adorable dog breeds on the planet. This breed comes in three distinct sizes; standard, miniature and toy. The toy breed is very popular amongst owners with kids and it weighs only 4-6pounds. Toy poodles can fit in a large teacup and they look good in it too. Now, because of their fur coat, they can be high maintenance but because of its title as the smartest dog breed in the world, it makes it worth it. Toy poodles have the same traits as their larger siblings such as hypoallergenic traits, high exercise needs, loyalty and so much more, they just come in a much smaller package. 
  2. The Maltese: This isn’t your conventional small white dog and for the sake of this piece, no Maltese slander will be tolerated. This toy breed is more than just a pretty face, they have a noble heritage as ancient Greek temples were built in their honor. The Maltese are known for its loyalty, intelligence and you just can’t bypass that perfect coat of fur. This toy breed is great tempered, docile and very easy to train. However, the Maltese toy dog breed is better suited for adults without children as they’re fragile.
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Speaking of royalty, All Hail The King!. Named after royalty, you can expect poise, grace wisdom and strength from this toy dog breed. They’re very common in England and across the US as well. You might remember that Charlotte from the award-winning trilogy, Sex, and The City-owned a Cavalier. This toy dog breed is great for urban living and they can adapt to the farm too. Their exercise requirement is fair and they’ve got such luxurious hair.

Toy dog breeds are getting increasingly popular over the years as everyone can’t seem to get enough of them. They are just as functional as their standard-sized relatives but the fact that they stay small forever is another reason they’re popular.

Toy dog breeds are playful, energetic, friendly and great for families. In need of a toy dog breed of your own? PremierPups has a diverse selection of them all in need of new homes. These toy dogs will just be the perfect addition to your home. 


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