Not an Active Person? Here are Three Dog Breeds that don’t need a lot of Exercise

April 1, 2020

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Having a dog can be a lot of work. From feeding to cleaning up after them and let’s not forget the exercise, grooming, doctor’s appointments and lots more. Dogs may be the cutest beings on the planet, but they do require a lot of elbow grease. In essence, getting a dog may not be the most convenient idea for someone who has a lot going on.

However, dogs come in different breeds and while some breeds are better suited for the Usain Bolts of the world, others lean towards the Betty Whites, Samuel L. Jacksons, and Morgan Freemans.

Thus if you’re in need of a dog that is an excellent companion or lap dog with minimum exercise requirements, these 5 are our best picks.

Breed # 1- The French Bulldog

As much as their persona is often misconstrued for that of its distant relative, the English Bulldog. Although both breeds are generally docile, the French Bulldog could win a prize in laziness. They prefer and are notorious for lounging on couches as opposed to going for a run. Also, because the French Bulldog can overheat easily when out in the sun, it’s best to keep them indoors. As a bonus the French Bulldog is very easy to groom, their short coat makes sure of that.

Breed # 2- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog breed is very intelligent but can be unruly if not trained early. They’re great lap dogs and they’re mostly found in the arms of their owners. The Cavalier King requires little exercise and even the shortest walks will leave them tired and napping. They are a stress-free dog breed.

Breed #3- Cavapoo

This is a designer breed that has the Cavalier King and the Poodle as parents. They are very intelligent regardless of which parent they lean towards. The Cavapoo is also a great lap dog and even though they can be active, they also love naps.

Each puppy breed is unique and some are genetically less physically active than others. Having a dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercises is like having a car that doesn’t require tons of fuel, it works and makes life more convenient for certain people.

Hence, as highlighted in this piece, either of the following breeds will be ideal for your living arrangement and busy schedule.

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