Is Your Puppy Constipated? Here’s how to Help

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Medically, constipation is linked to the infrequent passing of dry or hard feces in the body of a living organism. It occurs when moisture is stripped from feces inside the colon due to its prolonged ejection or delayed defecation, thus leading to a painful and difficult elimination.

A constipated puppy will likely squat and strain unproductively for long hours. It’s a grave discomfort and if not immediately handled, it can linger for days that your puppy doesn’t deserve. This piece is exploring the plausible reasons why your puppy may be constipated and what exactly an owner like yourself can do to help. 

Before we get into the whys, how sure are you that your puppy is constipated? What signs have you seen? Do they look anything like these?

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Weight loss
  3. Inflamed bowel lining resulting in a release of dark fluid/mucus accompanying the fecal matter in chronic cases.
  4. Sporadic vomiting
  5. Circling, squatting without results.
  6. Wailing or showing discomfort during feces ejection.
  7. Lack of energy.
  8. Dry and hard stool

The whys

Your puppy could be constipated for a plethora of reasons, some of which include;

  1. Reason #1- Swallowing foreign objects: Puppies are known to chew on and swallow items that have no business being in their system. Non-digestible items like grass, cloth, leather, sticks and their personal best, paper, if it doesn’t lead to intestinal puncture or complete obstruction, can transform feces into rock-hard masses which block the colon.
  2. Reason #2- Grooming: Long-haired puppies have the risk of suffering from hairballs due to bad grooming. Dogs self-groom too, just like cats and when a long-haired dog breed, say a pomsky self-grooms, they can swallow balls of hair during the process. Now, apart from this, sometimes the fur beneath the tail merges with the feces and can lead to anal inflammation, painful defecation and even external blockage. 
  3. Reason #3- Dietary plans: Constipation in puppies can be food-related. It’s no secret that fiber softens stool and a diet that doesn’t have ample amounts of fiber can result in small, dense, and hard to pass stools. Also, clean water is crucial in a puppy’s diet as its absence can trigger constipation due to harder stools.
  4. Reason #4- Stress: Just like stress in humans can influence their bowel movements especially when they’re in a new environment, the same applies to puppies. This is why early socialization is important. Teach your new pups the different surfaces and let them know which ones they can go on.

Constipation can be very tough on puppies with their underdeveloped organs and features. This piece has highlighted some reasons why your puppy may be constipated as well as preventive measures.

For a corrective measure, do take your puppy for a physical exam from the vet. Looking for adorable puppies to shower with love and affection? PremierPups has a vast amount of puppy breeds in all their strengths and cutenesses.  


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