Is Your Dog Lacking Mental Stimulation?

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Puppies need a healthy balance of both physical and mental stimulation to keep their attitude, strength and focus in check, else you might end up resenting them.

Some dog breeds are known to be mouthier and more destructive than others. But this attitude is usually justified by their separation anxiety or lack of exercise. But, how do you justify your dog’s constant gnawing at your clothes, shoes, and upholstery, or their persistent restlessness even after a rigorous exercise?

Well, you don’t. Just get him the help he needs through mental stimulation. else, his insatiability will only heighten. 

Now, mental dullness in dogs can be mistaken for several things. It could be mistaken for stress, separation anxiety, or even diet so it’s somewhat tasking to identify and isolate one condition from the other.

However, based on behavioral patterns here are some unmistakable signs that your dog is in dire need of mental stimulation for both your sakes.

Sign # 1-  Restlessness

If your dog cannot settle in a spot for 10-20 minutes without getting up and looking for what to do or if he cannot just seem to get comfortable enough to relax even after a strenuous exercise, then chances are that your dog needs mental stimulation. To get him to start acting accordingly and using his brain try playing simple games around the house. From smell detection games to games that require cognitive skills like dog puzzles or even interactive ones like “hide and seek”.

Sign # 2 -Chasing his tail

This is common to most dogs of different breeds and not all of its cases are associated with the lack of mental stimulation. However, this is a habit that can be broken with proper socialization if it doesn’t go away with time. 

Sign # 3 – Barking at everything

If this is not a socialization problem, it’s definitely a mental stimulation one. Regardless of the prognosis, this is a very annoying trait that could push you to get rid of your dog, but before you cross that line, try simple training with a professional this time.

Sign # 4 – Digs holes

If you’re always finding your dog boring holes into things this could be a sign of boredom. Rather than let him be destructive, engage him in an interactive game. You can play find the treats, the which hand game or even the put your toys away game. Anything which gets him happy and using his brain will suffice. 

A mentally dull dog switches the roles from being your companion to being an annoying attention seeker. Having such a dog will only trigger you to put him up for adoption as soon as you get the chance. No good thing comes easy and if your dog isn’t mentally stimulated that’s because you as the owner might have failed to equip him with that cognizance. Hence rather than show him the door, invest in his mental capacity and you’ll witness an attitude change.

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