Why A Mini Bernedoodle Might Just Be The Missing Piece In Your Family 

February 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dogs are absolutely delightful creatures regardless of how mouthy they can be or how tedious their grooming and feeding could be. They add joy and love to our households and make everything seem peachy once more.

However, getting the wrong breed for a house pet can ruin your perfectly crafted happiness and make you start regretting your choice. Some breeds are better suited for the household than others and because we have this vessel of knowledge on this topic, we know the Mini Bernedoodle will be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. 

Why they’re perfect 

This breed will turn any house to a home, they’re just built like that. They’re incredibly cute, very loveable and obedient as well. You may be wondering what a Mini Bernedoodle is and to put you out of your misery, the Mini Bernedoodle is the designer offspring of a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. The Mini Bernedoodle hybrid is having a fast rise to fame as its popularity amongst humans is steadily ascending. Well, why wouldn’t it? They’re small, sweet, cute and are people-lovers hence you do not have to worry about them displaying hostility, except of course they’re trained to do so.  

Why you need a Mini Bernedoodle 

If you’re in need of a great companion dog that will never get too heavy for you to carry, the Mini Bernedoodle is your one-stop-shop. This designer breed has a lot of beauty in its disposition. This breed can adapt to both apartment or farm living and to the benefit of its owner, it doesn’t require so much grooming requirements as compared to its poodle parent. All you need to do is brush daily and bath them only when it’s necessary or when they step in a puddle or something. Now, the Mini Bernedoodle might just be the piece in the puzzle for your home because it’s really an affectionate breed. It’s also very smart as it is half Poodle. Speaking of its parents, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a short lifespan as only 30% of its total population makes it to their 10th birthday as its average lifespan is just over 7 years. However, with the Poodle’s intelligent genes, your Mini Bernedoodle can live for about 15 years, that’s twice as long. Hence, your mini Bernedoodle can be you and your family’s companion for almost 2 decades.  

Mini Bernedoodles are exotic designer breeds that are steadily rising to fame. Their miniature size, sweet face, soft barks, and energy level makes them great family dogs. However, just like any other breed, early socialization is necessary as this will help mold your Mini Bernedoodle puppy into the dog of your dreams. Also, should you ever be in need of a Mini Bernedoodle puppy, PremierPups has lots of them in different coat colors for adoption. PremierPups also has a ton of other designer dog breeds seeking new homes to make whole. 


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