February 1, 2020

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Did you know that the Cavalier Spaniel dog breed is amongst the 10 most-happiest dogs in the world? This dog breed is known for its very cheerful qualities. They are of British origin but have found their way around the world. Especially in the United States. One notable quality of this dog breed is they enjoy running. On the road, on the beach or even in the house. They just can’t get enough. If you’re an athlete or you enjoy occasional runs then you’ve got yourself a running partner. Just like every other dog breed, they should not be left to run without supervision.  

 Asides the love for running, here are other notable qualities of the Cavalier Spaniel dog breed that makes them a perfect choice for you.  

They Adapt Well to Living Situations: for some specific dog breeds, adaptation is a difficult task. It might take time for them to accept your living condition which could be the smell of your house, the decor, eat and sleep pattern, texture of chair material and so on. This is not the case for the Cavalier Spaniel. Adaptation is one of its key characteristics. If you change living space on a regular basis due to work or some other reason, you don’t have to worry about the Cavalier Spaniel. They would fit right in. Granted that they adapt well, living conditions should not be difficult for them.  

They Are Not High Maintenance: for this canine breed, taking care of them doesn’t require a lot from you. Issues like what time of the day is perfect bath time. Or if they should take long or short walks. What time they should or should not eat, the temperature of their sleep bed and many others. Basic knowledge of dog care would be enough to take care of the Cavalier Spaniel. It would be beneficial to note that while they are not high maintenance, they should be treated with the utmost care. They should not be exposed to harsh conditions. 

Friendliness: Another remarkable quality of the Cavalier Spaniel is how friendly they are. You don’t have to get worked up if they’re around strangers. Some other breeds might bark a lot before loosening up a little. If you’re a person that always has people over, you should really consider a Cavalier Spaniel. You won’t find them being cranky and aggressive. Instead, they would be ready to play catch with anyone willing to keep throwing the ball. If you have kids at home, you don’t have to fret. They are children friendly dogs.  

They are Peaceful: The Cavalier Spaniel should come to mind if you’re thinking of a dog that’s very calm and pleasant. You won’t have to deal with the unnecessary destruction of household items. Asides being peaceful, they are easy to train.  

They Can Co-exist With Other Dogs: Living with other dogs is certainly not a problem for the Cavalier Spaniel breed. They love to have playmates around.  

You must agree that these characteristics are quite charming. It is everything you could want in a pet and you can easily get one at PremierPups. 




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