How Endearing Is The Mini Aussiedoodle 

February 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Mini Aussiedoodle or ‘Aussiepoo’ as it’s fondly called is a designer breed coiled from crossbreeding a miniature Australian shepherd and the miniature poodle. From its name to its looks, size and temperament, the Miniature Aussiedoodle is one of the most endeared dog breeds known to man, but to what degree. Sure, they are undoubtedly cute but so are other hybrids, so what makes the Mini Aussiedoodle so amazing to its owners? This piece is highlighting all of the intricate details that lay claim to the Mini Aussiedoodle’s ability to incite love and affection. 

Its captivating appearance 

The Miniature Aussiedoodle has an appearance that compels you to take it home and love it forever. Their fur texture, miniature size, soul-searching eyes (which could be blue or brown) and cute barks are absolutely heart-melting and rightfully so. Mini Aussiedoodles are totally eye candy and they’re just as delicious around the arms as they are around the eyes and this is just its appearance.  

Its abstract qualities 

With reference to temperament, trainability, loyalty, and other abstract concepts, the Mini Aussiedoodle excels. This is because it’s a combination of the intelligence of a miniature poodle with the agility of a mini Australian shepherd. However, with hybrids you never know which parent traits will be in dominance, hence the Mini Aussiedoodle has a bit of mystery as well. 

Economical nature 

They are very economical breeds and their miniature size makes them slightly easier to care for. For feeding the Mini Aussiedoodle you’ll need under $45 a month which could be over a dollar a day. Also in terms of grooming and maintenance, the Mini Aussiedoodle is considered a low maintenance breed that opposes its Poodle parent’s high maintenance ledger. Speaking of the poodle, some Mini Aussiedoodle puppies can be hypoallergenic like their poodle parent, while others are still as cute. With that said, from coat to toenails, ear exams to dental care and even shower frequency, the Mini Aussiedoodle is relatively easy to care for.  

Bubbly disposition 

Let’s face it, no one enjoys a dog that lays down all day. Puppies that are active are an obvious preference and since the Mini Aussiedoodle is very agile, they’re greatly endeared to their owners. This breed requires about 40-60 minutes of exercise which could be a run or a walk to the park. Mini Aussiedoodles are great with kids as they almost have the same energy levels and are very friendly as well.  

Great health 

Aside from the major illnesses which most breeds are prone to, which by the way can be fixed with vaccinations, the Mini Aussiedoodle isn’t genetically predisposed to dire illnesses. Sure, hip dysplasia or deafness are major concerns for the breed but this will mostly manifest during the late periods of his life expectancy. 

Mini Aussiedoodles are pretty great breeds with a ton of love and loyalty to give to its owners and this is one of its endearing qualities. To get your hands on a breed this sweet do head over to PremierPups to adopt your very own! 



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