Why the Maltipoo Is the Perfect Hybrid Dog Breed

January 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some would say that the Maltipoo’s popularity stems from its gorgeous looks but this designer breed has way more to offer than appearance. Yes, they’re adorable to a fault, but Maltipoos are actually interesting hybrids once you’re in close proximity to them. Nevertheless, dog lovers and the world at large are going bonkers over this designer dog breed and the rest of us want to know why.  

Why has this fluffy miniature hybrid been classified as perfect? What’s so special about it and why is everyone agreeing with the rave? This piece aims at answering these questions just to give perspective to future Maltipoo owners.  

  • They are hybrids  

The Maltipoo is a hybrid dog breed, meaning it has two different purebreds as parents and as the name implies, the Maltipoo’s parents are the Maltese and the Poodle. The fact that it’s a designer breed immediately makes it more marketable than its purebred counterparts. This is because studies have shown that hybrids aren’t as predisposed to the genetic ailments spanning from inbreeding as the purebreds are. Hence one reason why the Maltipoo is thought to represent perfection is because of its hybrid nature.   

  • They are adorable  

A glance at the Maltipoo will definitely melt your heart. This hybrid got the miniature stature of the Maltese with the fleece of the Poodle which equals cuteness overload. Their soft barks, beady eyes, and small paws will just open your heart to new dimensions of love. One feature the Maltipoo has which increases its cuteness is its affectionate side. Whether you’re a part of his family, a stranger or even another dog, Maltipoos are incapable of hostility.   

  • They have great adaptability  

You could live anywhere and your Maltipoo would adjust accordingly. This miniature hybrid is well suited for both apartment living and suburban homes too. Now, the Maltipoo is great for different kinds of owners from the fresh dog owners to the young and single, family settings or even the elderly, it’s a very affectionate hybrid and will offer love and light to its owners.   

  • Maltipoos are non-shedders  

This quality comes from their parent breeds, both of which are equal non-shedders. This makes their grooming easier and less time-consuming. Now, since the Poodle is hypoallergenic, breeders hope to turn out with a hypoallergenic Maltipoo as well. While some may be hypoallergenic, others may not and may trigger your allergies. Hence to find out which is, do spend some time with them before adoption.   

  • They’re super cuddly  

You could cuddle your Maltipoo all day and not get tired, they love it. Also, their fur coat is very soft and non-spiky. They only weigh 5-20 pounds hence they’re very easy to pick up as well.   

If you’re thinking of adopting a Maltipoo after this piece you’re not alone. Maltipoos are the perfect hybrid dog breed and this piece explains why. Now, PremierPups has a host of Maltipoos in different coat colors all looking for a new home. The agency also has lots of other hybrids and purebreds too should you be interested.   


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