Thinking of Getting A Puppy? These Three Breeds Are Perfect for First Time Dog Owners

November 25, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So, you’ve decided to buy a puppy but you’re unsure which breed you can handle, seeing as it’s your first time? Well, you’re not alone. All dog breeds are different but some have a calmer temperament than others and this is what new dog parents need. There are a handful of dog breeds that would be perfect for first-time owners and in this blog, we will be highlighting our top three breeds.

These breeds have been classified as the best for new dog parents based on their temperament, weight, adaptability, grooming, exercise needs, vital statistics and of course health grooming. Here they are:

  1. Maltese

This breed is breathtaking by every definition of the word. They have such pretty fur and are bred for companionship instead of security reasons. They are small breeds and are very gentle. They are neither hostile or aggressive and they take every human as their friends. However, as humble as the Maltese may seem, this breed excels in sports that test agility which is why they’re usually bred for competitive dog sports. The Maltese breed adapts well to apartment living and contrary to popular beliefs and based on the length of their fur, they do not shed a lot. This breed is easy to train, incredibly playful and isn’t genetically predisposed to certain ailments. All these qualities make them highly compatible with first-time dog owners.

  1. Poodle

Poodles may just be the smartest dog breed in the world. This dog was seen as a symbol of class and elegance in some British countries due to their regal nature. However, behind the impressive and hypoallergenic fur is an affectionate breed that is perfect for family settings. They are incredibly loyal to their family and known to thrive in apartment living conditions. Poodles are very friendly breeds, easy to train, highly intelligent, and are also non-shedders. This means that people with allergies can live comfortably with poodles without having any type of reaction. However, grooming a Poodle isn’t easy and first-time dog owners may need professional help. Poodles do have a lot of energy which is why they are mostly show dogs.

  1. Cavalier Spaniel

The Cavalier Spaniels is just a sweet dog breed which is small and very adorable. They’re bred for companion and they fall under the class of toy breeds. Cavaliers do have a lot of energy and although they can lounge with you on the couch without a fuss, they can also be your workout buddy. This friendly breed is very easy to groom, easy to train, very intelligent and incredibly playful. They adore kids and love running around with them. Cavaliers are healthy breeds and not usually genetically predisposed to certain ailments, although regular visits to the vet is a must for every breed.

The above-listed breeds shine in family-oriented settings, but they are also great for single, first-time dog parents too. Luckily you don’t have to search for their looks, wits, and traits as you can easily find and adopt them in the flesh at PremierPups.


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